Foundations 1

"Love can see the worst and still believe the best." - Carl H. Stevens

Church Planting

"I can learn behavior, but there will really be no essential changes unless Christ is at the center of my life." - Thomas Schaller

Book of Acts

"Whatever is not motivated by love will eventually break down." - Steven Scibelli

Intro to Missions

"If you have not heard the message of the Grace of God, then you have not heard the gospel!" - Chuck Heidenreich

Open MBC&S Classroom

The classes offered are lectures taught by our most gifted and experienced faculty members. We are confident your life will be changed forever as you study the eternal principles found in the Holy Scriptures. Our teaching magnifies the work of Jesus Christ on the cross and His Resurrection life. The Bible comes alive with penetrating truth and practical applications to everyday life.

Web-based classes allow you to watch and listen whenever and wherever you want. You choose as it best suits your schedule. Also, the Open MBC&S allows you to watch your favorite classes over and over again. This method of study has proven to be more effective than the traditional textbook type of correspondence education methods. Start growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Courses here are offered for audit only. They can also be found on youtube.